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Thought as shortly: To keep working computer-related equipment in use, instead it ending for dismantling. (mixed garbage is a very wrong location for electronic waste)

In practice this works as a hobby in home. I receive used computer-equipment as donations/gifts/contributions, check the condition, clear "deadware" from all useful (screws, cables, etc), and sell working equipment with low price. "One's trash, other's treasure."

Idea also bases on following thoughts:
  • Offer cheaper solution for components or whole.
  • Offer businesses and institutes a cheaper and faster way to get rid of old equipment when updating computers.
  • Offer solution to situation when you own older equipment which is pretty much useless for you, while you wouldn't want to trash it.
  • Clear even without mentioning: Recycle.
But as work is on relatively amateur-level, I wish that equipment which is clearly unrepairable by home meanings and cannot be ripped of anything useful (as example, already removed and broken disk-drives, memory-modules, hard-drives, processors, and so forth), wouldn't bring to me, as after all I ain't waste pit. But if you are not certain about the workability, then just bring in.

Acceptable also includes (but is not limited to) storage media, Operating System installation media (if possible, with registeration IDs/Product keys), empty CD-boxes or parts of them, different sort of boxes and cases, office equipment, defect empty CDs if there's even little usable capacity (so don't throw them away, they have their use too), (note:) faulty CDs (like "wasted on burn") which preferably have unbroken data-surface and scratchless read-surface (hobby crafting), (even broken) optical mouses, and so forth.

Products can be brought to, and are available from this address. Postal delivery is also possible, when buyer/donator also pays postal fees, and when ordering, also 2€ extra-fee. I use only Finnish Postal service. Also transporting possibility.

I also offer:
  • Support, failure defining and small level of repairing of computers, home appliances and web-pages.
  • Installing/maintaining of Operating Systems (Windows/Mac/Linux).
  • Producing of web-pages.
  • And other advices and tips per need.
  • Working elsewhere than at home/teaching is 5€/hour.
stuff you can find from there.

what happens to be at hand.

Thanks for everyone who have helped with this project.

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Activity began at spring 2006. More determined activity began at fall. Under the shield of "business-name" at May 2007.

Special Thanks To:
Hanna for support, drive and marvelous friendship.
Vt for support, information and irreplaceable friendship.
Kaaosteoria (that (now gone) unregistered association) for support and exhortation.
My family for everything.
Also thanks for everyone who has supported in any way!